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Who are we?

We’re a warm and welcoming family team, operating from our home with a passion for caring for guinea pigs and finding them their perfect ‘forever homes’! With nearly two decades of experience, Julia and the team have provided a safe and loving environment enabling approximately 3000 guinea pigs to find their forever homes within the 5 years The Nest has been operating. This includes pregnant piggies and those in dire need of care, there isn’t much we haven’t encountered when it comes to guinea pigs!

When you pay us a visit, you’re sure to meet Julia, the rescue manager. But don’t let that fool you; our family extends well beyond the spotlight, and you can get to know the rest of the team below.

What are we?

We are dedicated to caring for guinea pigs in need and providing them with the care they deserve before helping them find their forever homes. Here at our rescue, we specialise in rehabilitating these lovely creatures, ensuring they are ready for their next adventure.

One of our fundamental principles is ensuring that all our boars are neutered, this practice not only prevents any unintended breeding but also simplifies the process of finding them a compatible companion. Neutering allows the boar to have more options for a companion, as we believe that no guinea pig should ever be alone – everyone deserves a friend!

Our commitment to the well-being of our guinea pigs goes beyond the basics. We make sure to handle them several times a day, ensuring they become accustomed to human interaction.


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Rescue Assistant


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