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The Process

It’s great to hear that you are looking to adopt from Neville’s Nest! Please be aware that you should only request an application once you are ready for your piggies. To enable us to continue rescuing more piggies, we cannot ‘hold’ piggies for long periods. If your application is approved, we ask you to collect your piggies within 7 days.

You will receive an immediate acknowledgment email, once your application has been received, if you don’t get it, then it hasn’t gone through!

If you are neutering your boar and looking to adopt a girlfriend, please ensure your boy has had surgery and is recovering well before applying.

Rescue Room - Rescue Room

Please ensure that you have also read the homing requirements before submitting your application form.

Complete an online application form from the comfort of your sofa.

If approved, you will then be offered suitable piggies as they become available.

Choose your piggies, and discuss if any bonding is needed.

Pay adoption fees, and make any purchases from the online shop.

Complete the emailed adoption form and arrange to visit.

Collect your piggies - please remember to bring a carrier!
Application Form