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Homing Criteria

At Neville’s Nest we aim to ensure every guinea pig going off to their new home will be kept in a warm, safe evironment. For this reason we mainly adopt to indoor set ups with the rare outdoor, insulated, and heated set up being considered. These indoor set ups are also required to meet the following requirements to be considered:


  • Minimum 140 cm cage for a pair, see below for minimum size for larger groups
  • Indoor run, or safe space for floor time. Ideally a run for the garden in summer
  • Total of 3 hideys (for a pair/trio) including a wooden house & cosie. Plastic house, fleece corner forest or cardboard box are acceptable for the others.
  • No woodshavings or straw
  • No hutches indoors. We need to see an indoor set up, cage, C&C homemade style.
  • Ramps aren’t ideal, if there is a ramp, it must have at least a 5cm side.

If you are new to piggies then we offer starter packs to help make the introduction to piggies as easy as possible. These starter packs include everything you need to not only meet the homing requirements but also to ensure you give the piggies a suitable forever home. If you are wanting to learn more about piggies or even come to meet some before adopting then try our Coffee, Cuddles and Cake sessions, click here to find out more.

If you already have a set up that meets most of the homing requirements then you can take a look in our shop to be able to get anything you are missing in order to begin the adoption process. We also offer bonding if you are introducing new piggies into your current herd or if you are just wanting us to kick start the bonding process and check they are a good match then we also offer speed bonding.

Minimum Set Up Sizes - 'Off-the-shelf'

To see how some of our adopters have set their cages up try taking a look here

To work how much space you need, each C&C grid measures 35cm

Pair or Trio

140cm Cage

Up to 3 Piggies

2×4 (or 12 grids) C&C

Up to 4

2×5 (or 14 grids) C&C

Up to 5

2×6 (or 16 grids) C&C


Lofts don’t count into the minimum space, as piggies are land dwellers. However, if you are adding to a group of piggies who currently use a loft, we may consider including this space in the minimum.


  • Boars can only live in pairs.
  • Girls can live in groups.
  • Only one neutered boar can live with any number of girls.