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Our neutering policy has had to change due to COVID-19. Our vets have said they are unable to carry out any routine operations for some time after re-opening. We appreciate that neutering dogs, cats and rabbits are more critical than piggies, so we will happily wait. If pairs of boys find a home before being neutered, we won’t keep them here. We hope to have pairs of boars back to be neutered, in time. We will aim to try and neuter single boars, with more dominant boars taking priority.

Adoptions fees for boars will stay the same; the minimum cost (£30) will be payable when adopting. If your boar does come back, we would ask if possible, for a further £15 donation, to cover the full cost of neutering. The process will be explained in greater detail at the time of adoption.

Tim Neville

Tim manages all things operational at Neville's Nest. Usually looking after technical elements such as the web store, website, and email support.