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New Piggies

When you adopt piggies from us, they will be familiar with being handled. We don’t rehome piggies unless they sit well for a cuddle so we would suggest that you keep up the handling that we started. Piggies need picking up two or three times a day while they are getting used to you for short lengths to start, perhaps 10-20 minutes. Piggies are rarely easy to pick up, but once you’ve got them settled they are happy, especially if you have some dandelions or parsley!

My piggies don’t like being picked up.

Piggies are prey animals, and very few will allow you to pick them up easily – most will run and hide, especially when they are new. It can take weeks for them to gain confidence. Be firm and fast when you pick them up. You can try teaching them to go into a cosy so that they can be picked up in it.

Julia Neville

Julia founded Neville's Nest in 2018 from their home in Oadby, Leicester. Now being based in Stoughton, the rescue has expanded but still remains home-based and offers a personal and friendly service.