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Lockdown Lessons – When Our Pets Die (Cat The Vet)

This lesson is aimed at primary aged children, but suitable for everyone and talks about what happens, why and how we might feel when we lose a pet. We would definitely recommend watching with your family, it is sad, but it’s also a very positive video, that’s easy to understand.

My piggie has died; does the remaining piggie need another friend?

Yes, definitely. The time that you feel ready to do this will be different for each piggie and family. If your piggie seems bright and is eating, there’s no rush, so wait until you feel ready. If your piggie is unusually quiet or not eating well, you need to act quickly. Contact us, and we will find your piggie a new friend.

I’m stuck in the piggie cycle; how do we stop?

It’s difficult when a piggie is left alone, and you have decided, for whatever reason, that you don’t want more piggies. You have two options. Firstly, as hard as it would be, you could hand your piggie into us, and we will find them a new friend and home. The second option, especially if you have an older piggie, is to adopt a friend from us, but then when that piggie is left alone, they come back to us. So while we don’t foster out piggies in this situation, we are happy for you to adopt, knowing that they will come back to us in time.

Julia Neville

Julia founded Neville's Nest in 2018 from their home in Oadby, Leicester. Now being based in Stoughton, the rescue has expanded but still remains home-based and offers a personal and friendly service.