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We can have piggies stay at the Nest for 1-2 hours to try them with a new friend and see if they get along before leaving. Any bonds we are expecting to be tricky (including all pairs of boys) we would want to stay longer for the usual bonding. But if you are adopting a piggie and would prefer them to meet first, we can offer speed bonding for £10, in addition to the adoption fee. This can be useful if you don’t live locally to us, or if we have a choice of suitable piggies to try your piggie with. For any piggies that leave us to be bonded in their new home, we still are happy to have them back to bond if you are struggling at home. But usually, bonding at home is fine for most pairs.

Speed Bonding can be paid for here.

While your piggies are with us, if you’re wanting lunch, or coffee and cake, we can recommend this farm shop which is only 5 minutes from the Nest. They also have some animals, gift shops and walks!

We also offer bonding for more difficult piggies eg pairs of boys or group. This is when piggies stay for a few days and the fee is £30. You can read more about boar bonding here.