Piggie First Aid Kit


These four items are worth having in, if you have piggies!

Leucillin we mostly use to treat ringworm, but is useful (and gentle) on anything sore and inflamed. It doesn’t sting so can be used around eyes.

Ivermectin is used to treat mites and lice.

Critical care feed – for syringe feeding when your piggie isn’t eating (includes syringe).

Fibreplex is good for piggies who have upset tummies, stop eating or it can help if they are generally unwell. (Instructions state it’s safe for piggies and other small animals).

Always see your vet for help with medical issues, these can only help minor conditions.

This kit is discounted to £23 when purchased with a starter pack.

Please note: We (Neville’s Nest) cannot suggest, nor diagnose, what might be wrong with a guinea pig. Therefore, any treatment even if it is an over the counter (OTC) product, must be advised by a qualified veterinarian. A diagnosis is an act of veterinary surgery, only. If you chose to self-diagnose and trial treat – this is outside the power of Neville’s Nest.

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