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If you can no longer look after your guinea pigs, surrendering them to a rescue is the best decision. We understand this is a difficult decision to make, but you will find us to be non-judgemental. A collection may be possible depending on your location and the availability of our team, but you are welcome to come and see your guinea pigs settled into their cage in our home. In most cases, we can let you know when your guinea pigs have left us for their new home. Contact us to see if we have space if you need to surrender your guinea pigs.

When surrendering boys, we ask for a donation towards their neuter that costs us £60 but we only ask for a minimum donation of £10 per piggie, this also reserves your space.

If you aren’t able to donate, we understand some people are needing to surrender piggies due to financial difficulties, this isn’t a problem, just let us know! We can still take them without a donation.