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Our policy is to always home boys first, if you don’t have a boy in your group of piggies, this is because boys are often overlooked for being boys! We have so many boys looking for homes!

If you are new to piggies, and have done some research, you are likely to think girls are more suitable. Unlike pet shops, our boys are neutered and properly assessed before leaving us, so highly unlikely to fall out. We also offer lifetime advice in the event of any problems. Boys are usually more friendly, easier to handle and big characters than girls, making them ideal for new owners!

If you have girls already, we would always add a neutered boar. It’s better for the girls,  it’s more natural and a better dynamic for the group. It’s also fun to watch! Our boys leave us before they are 6 weeks post neuter and safe to live with girls. We can help with a set up to keep them separate. Then they can be next to each other and have a slow bond. We offer support and advice during this time.

If you have a pair of boys and are looking for more piggies, it would need to be a second set up, boys do better in pairs.

Other concerns people have with boys are smell and impaction, both of these are greatly reduced when neutered. There is sometimes more of a smell for the first week or two, around girls, as the boys are scent marking. This is common in boys who haven’t met girls before, and it does settle!

We spend a lot of time explaining how lovely boys are, and we have many adopters who are so happy to have adopted cheeky, cuddly boys! So please respect our decision to always offer boys first, where appropriate. It’s best for you, the piggies, and us!

Here are what some of our adopters have to say:

My boy is very cuddly compared to the girls, he seems to be more placid and friendly. He is in charge of the girls, most of the time! He completed the herd perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to have boys in the future.


I wanted to thank you for that very policy, as adding a boar to our herd was the best decision ever! We'd been a bit skeptical, but were keen to grow our herd and wanted to get piggies from the Nest, so we took the leap of faith, and I'm so glad we did. I was a bit worried that a boar would annoy the girls, chasing them but he doesn't do that at all. He is so chill, has such a different personality to the girls, and definitely helps them to all get along better themselves. He is very loving and friendly and loves a cuddle. I'll never not have a boar now!


I originally wanted 2 girls but Julia persuaded me to add a boar at the same time and it was the best advice ever. Boys are so loving and a delight to have. We also foster a pair of boys who are the loveliest piggies ever, so mellow and sweet. I would never not have a boar. They are a delight to own, such lovely personalities and when combined with girls, the dynamic is fantastic.


I tend to find boys more relaxed and easier to bond with. They are funny when they are in with a couple of girls. I would definitely recommend boars


Don't tell our girls but their boar is my favourite! He joined the girls after we'd had them for almost a year and he's completed our herd. He's such a character and SO much more cuddly than they are.


I wasn't keen to adopt a boy as I'd always had girls but it was the best decision I made to adopt a boar, the dynamic is just amazing


I've not had a boar for a while now but I absolutely love him. I had forgotten how lovable boys can be


My boar is the most affectionate guinea pig I have and he has such a personality

Julia Neville

Julia founded Neville's Nest in 2018 from their home in Oadby, Leicester. Now being based in Stoughton, the rescue has expanded but still remains home-based and offers a personal and friendly service.